RebootVA Networking

Join me and RebootVA Networking to nurture a referral group that benefits you and US Military veterans

The VISION of RebootVA is that no Veteran be separated from military service without the proper assistance in making the transition to civilian life. The MISSION of RebootVA is to to assist Veterans and their families in finding employment or in starting their own businesses.

What Are RebootVA Networks?

Individuals and businesses coming together in fellowship, to grow both personally and professionally, while supporting a cause ( with weekly online meetings and monthly mixers.

Networking For A Cause

  • If your first question is, “What do I get?” We’re not a good fit
  • It’s about what you give
  • All funds support the efforts of RebootVA to help Veterans

A Proven System

Our proven system has consistently built 40+ Member teams over the past decade, regardless of economy. It is my intent to find 40 business leaders in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to join this group as members so that we can start our own local virtual networking meeting every Wednesday at 11am CST along with a monthly, in-person happy hour in Madison, WI. Once our local group is established you will be encouraged to invite your veteran friends and colleagues who are either looking for work or trying to start their entrepreneurship journey.

Who Needs RebootVA Networks?

  • Those looking for fresh connections
  • Those need better value for their time and money
  • Those who want to do more than just saying, “Thank you for your service.”

How Can I Participate?

  • One-time $199 application fee
  • $55/month meeting fee

Why Be a Team Leader?

  • Best exposure for you and your business.
  • Access meetings nationwide with one membership upgrade.
  • Ideal for businesses with a national reach.
  • Bring in 4 referrals to become members and your monthly membership becomes paid for.

Want to be a free guest to check out our group? Have questions about becoming a member? Please contact me below....

What Are You Interested in Doing?
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An Overview of RebootVA Networking