Are you looking for a business that you can operate with minimal involvement and still reap maximum rewards? Then look no further than this Spray Foam Insulation Franchise.

This franchise opportunity offers investors the potential to earn a six-figure income while paying the franchisor to run the business for you. As a fully passive investor/owner, this franchisor requires only 2 hours of your time per month for a financial performance review call.

And the best part? The initial investment can be as low as $250,000! They do require a 100% cash investment. It’s also an area developer franchise model, so when you buy into a territory you own the entire metro area with no concerns for overlapping territories or competing with another future franchisee.


This Spray Foam Franchise discloses annual gross sales of $1.6M out of a modestly sized metro market and net income that will frankly blow your mind (their latest Franchise Disclosure Document provides full earnings example).


There are many benefits of this Spray Foam Franchise, with some of the most notable being:

  • Excellent earning potential – as mentioned above, their franchisees have the potential to earn a six-figure income while investing only 2 hours of their time each month. Sounds to good to be true, I know, but this franchisor has already proven this fully passive model with 4 other franchise brands they own/operate.
  • Low initial investment – with an initial investment starting at $250,000, it’s easy to get started as a Spray Foam franchisee.
  • Proven business model – the franchisor’s original business in Alabama has been fine tuned over the past 3+ years to be a disruptor in the marketplace. And the original owner/operators are still at the helm of this company.
  • Wide market appeal – almost every existing home and business could benefit from their products and services, plus all new construction projects. Which means there’s always demand for what they do.
    Superior and proprietary trailer rig system that has eliminated almost all technical issues that typically plague spray foam installers
  • Exclusive foam ingredients contract with Rhino Linings – in fact, the founder of Rhino Linings liked this company so much he also became an investor in the brand.
  • All commercial sales, bidding and contract negotiation provided by the franchisor. Whether you choose this full passive investor option or wish to be more involved as an executive level owner in this business, the franchisor always manages the acquisition of lucrative commercial contracts.
  • Nationwide market opportunities – this passive investor model means you can own a metro area any where in the USA*. This allows you to select metro markets that fit your budget, even if your local markets have already been sold to someone else. (* franchisor is not yet registered in most complicated registration states like NY, CA, WA, etc.)
  • Liberation from the 9-5 grind – as a franchisee, once the business has established itself in your chosen market, that long commute and soul-sucking office job could go Bye Bye! Or, with your personal income situation greatly enhanced, you can simply choose to keep working or not.

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