My brokerage just announced our exclusive representation of the ONLY laser pain treatment franchise business in the USA treating people suffering from chronic pain and neuropathy. This is a brick & mortar & mobile business opportunity. The founder and his technology come with a track record of more than 18 years of deployment in over 9000 doctors’ offices throughout the world. None of these doctors have made laser pain treatments their sole focus, and that is foundation upon which this incredible franchise opportunity is founded.

Over 30% of Americans 50 years or older suffer from chronic pain and neuropathy. More than 20% of Americans 40 and over suffer as well. The size of the patient market pool for this business is simply amazing.

If you are a medical or pharma sales pro, or have a medical background as a doctor / nurse, are part of an investment group or a just a sales pro looking for a disruptive non-opioid pain treatment service, this is a business you need to learn about. Investors/owners need to show a minimum of $150,000 of liquidity and a minimum net worth of $450,000.

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About Aaron Bakken

Franchise Consultant for The Franchise Consulting Company

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Aaron has 20+ years of franchise and independent business ownership experience. He also spent 5 years as the VP of Franchise Development for an international franchise group, growing the franchise to the advent of a private equity buyout. Whether you are looking to buy a franchise opportunity or franchise your business, Aaron knows how to guide you.

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Aaron is paid by franchisors and development companies for bringing them viable franchise investors. So frankly, his clients have nothing to lose by engaging with him but a bit of their time. Aaron helps his clients navigate the complex world of franchise ownership and development and provides long term guidance to help his clients achieve their entrepreneurship goals.

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