Hawaii Fluid Art This retail art experience franchise offers such an amazing opportunity, I’m buying a 10 unit territory myself

Some of you who read my emails may know that I am a franchise business owner and a franchise consultant / broker. I get to see a lot of franchise opportunities and look under their hoods to get inside information on the founders, the business model, profit potential and ease of launch.

An Employee Light / Semi-Absentee Owner Friendly Opportunity

With that being said, frankly I’ve never seen a new retail franchise concept that is as employee light, quick to build and open, inexpensive to get started and offering amazing profitability (when run and marketed correctly) as this “art experience” franchise. It’s also very semi-absentee owner friendly. In fact, the founder lives many states away from 2 of her 3 original locations and does quite well. The business is Hawaii Fluid Art.


The average location can be opened for just over $100k (range is up to $195k per store, but few will cost this much) including the franchise fee, run with 2 employees or less, and make solid money with as few as 150 customers per month (on average – like anything in business, results can vary and are very geographic market dependent) in under 1800 sq ft. And experience is showing that from lease signing to opening can happen in as little as 30 days.

A Creative Business

If you like the idea of owning a creative business that sells super fun art experiences, offers a space for local artists to sell their art on consignment, and will bring smiles to everyone’s face who experiences the store, then you need to contact me to learn more. I believe this brand is going to sell quickly once the first few franchisees start sharing their 2022 sales numbers.

I like this concept so much I’m committing myself to 10 locations over the next couple of years. Reach out to me if you’d like to find out why.

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