Would you like to learn more about an amazing development opportunity with a leading STEM supplemental education franchise, Skill Samurai? Mobile and brick and mortar development options exist with this franchise, and locations are easily operated semi-absentee. This is a one of a kind area development resale available in mainland Michigan that includes the entire Detroit metro and the 12 counties indicated on the map below. No infrastructure or existing studios are in place, so this is essentially a brand new development opportunity.The original buyer failed to launch in the territory and has relinquished their rights back to the franchisor. The development rights alone were in excess of $250,000. The franchisor is only seeking $57,000 for the sale of this massive geographic territory that can easily accommodate 10+ locations over a 10 year development schedule.

Skill Samurai already has another owner running programs in north Macomb County and he is doing well in schools. So, an owner in the greater Detroit metro could build off of those relationships.

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This is a Canada based company created by Jeff Hughes back in 2014. I’ve personally met Jeff a number of times and he’s one of the most genuine guys in franchising, running a business that will really make a difference in the lives of children. Offering premium in-person STEM classes for Grade 2-12 leading to career certification with a focus on coding, mathematics, robotics and YouTube.

Skill Samurai was created because Jeff determined that there were no suitable STEM supplemental education companies out there that were focused on career-readiness for the future of the tech industry. His quest is to prepare today’s youth for an unlimited tech future with fun, educational, interactive after school programs and camps.

Why Skill Samurai?

Skill Samurai is the world’s first franchise focused on career-readiness education and they are on a mission to prepare students for the changing workplace infrastructure of the 21st century! Skill Samurai goes beyond the standard offerings of other available STEM programs to provide a clear, defined goal of preparing students for careers of the future. They offer courses in brick and mortar learning centers along with on-the-go / mobile partnerships for kindergarten through high school age students, allowing Franchise Owners quicker ramp-up, multiple revenue streams, and natural cross-marketing to ensure repeat business.


  • As much as 50% of today’s jobs will be replaced or partially displaced by technology by as early as 2025!
  • Offering Game Development, Roblox, Minecraft Moding, Robotics and YouTube Creator classes.
  • This is the only STEM franchise to offer both brick & mortar and on-the-go programs to elementary through high school age students via year-round programs, summer camps, and learning labs that prepare students for college, internships, and careers in Programming, Game Development, Design, and Robotics.
  • Skill Samurai Learning centers are extremely easy to operate with very few staff members.
  • All curriculum is pre-determined and scheduled for you. Your teachers will simply set up the laptops for a class, the kids will log in, and they will be led through the day’s class by they computer. Your college age teacher, who is likely a computer science major, simply needs to help with troubleshooting during the class. Easy to execute.
  • Skill Samurai Owners can choose to operate a mobile business, brick and mortar facility, or a combination of the two. The mobile portion of the business will be offering after school programs and summer camps at elementary and middle schools, rec centers and community centers.
  • Average Investment: Mobile is around $100k ; Brick & Mortar is around $220k. Royalty = 7% and Ad Fund = 3%


Jump on the opportunity today. If you would like to find out more about this franchise opportunity, please reach out to me to talk further. https://scheduler.zoom.us/bakken/franchisebuyintro

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