The franchisor owns the trademark and the operating system for the franchise. The franchisee is licensed to use both the trademark and the operating system according to the terms and conditions set forth in the franchise agreement. Both the franchisor and franchisee must fulfill their obligations under the contract. Franchisees rely on franchisors to provide them with excellent training and support, to give them the benefit of their experience, and the tools to get their business started off right. If both parties aren’t dedicated to honesty and trust, it will be difficult to develop a strong relationship. Owning a franchise allows you to tap into existing marketing systems, brand recognition, and operational efficiencies without needing to start from scratch or play a guessing game. Just remember that not all franchisors offer the same type of support. While choosing a franchise, do some research to determine if you will have these systems of support in place.

Digital Marketing And Choosing A Franchisee

We live in a digital world and technology plays a prominent role in our lives. Recent developments have created new communities and revolutionized how we obtain information. Many people rely on digital media for work, study, and entertainment. Whether or not we are comfortable with digital media, it is here to stay. Marketing for a franchise is a delicate balance between blending in and standing out. A company needs brand consistency across all its franchise locations. That’s a gimme. At the same time, each franchise location needs individual attention to ensure its marketing fits the neighborhood it services. Retaining brand consistency while treating every franchise location as if it’s special is its own kind of, shall we say, challenge. When deciding which franchise to work with, ask about their approach to digital marketing. More specifically, ask how they use geographic targeting to connect your location with consumers in the area. Knowing whether your franchisor will be engaging in this type of marketing can help you feel more confident in the number and quality of leads coming your way when you open your doors.

Social Media Marketing And Choosing A Franchise

In the rise of tech and digital marketing, and with that much bank up for grabs, franchise social media is a revenue channel that can’t be overlooked. Franchises are complex structures, often involving hundreds of chains across the U.S. or globally. And, social media isn’t an easy job either, with multiple platforms and content schedules to manage. When you add in the different needs of franchisors and franchisees, challenges can frequently arise when trying to align social media goals between the two. Usually, franchisors work directly with their franchisees to coordinate campaigns, provide creativity, and facilitate a specific proven strategy. As a franchisee, you must understand what is expected of you regarding social media. Understanding the expectation and style rules is important for you to decide which franchise to invest in.

Social Marketing And Profile Management

Social media is a huge beast to tame. From deciding what type of content to post, which ads to run, whom to interact with, and more, it’s easy to get lost and confused. Local franchise businesses will likely have unique profiles on Google Search and Maps, Facebook, and other platforms. Typically, this is done at the franchisee level. Knowing this will be delegated to the local level is important when understanding what your experience will look like as you get started in the world of franchise ownership. It certainly doesn’t help when channels get updated every week and there are always new features to test and try. Corporations can implement rules by providing support and content to their franchisees in an efficient and effective manner. It is important to stay aware and proactive on your automatically generated local pages because customers are able to leave reviews on those pages once it is created. Make sure you get notified as those testimonials come in by claiming the page as your own. Laying a strong foundation for your social strategy will equip you to defeat the beast that is social media.

Great franchisors provide training to new franchisees and their management and also provide support in the training of the franchisee’s staff.

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