Franchise Consultants like Aaron help people “Invest in a Franchise” or “Franchise Their Business”. A frequently asked question that Aaron get a lot is… “Why should I use a franchise broker instead of dealing directly with a franchisor? The video below helps explain the benefits along with the following bulletpoints.

When you work directly with a franchisor, they will be able to tell you all about the franchise they are selling but a franchise broker will help you also answer the following questions…

  • Do you know why that franchise may or may not be a good fit for you?
  • What is the investment requirement, and do you have the liquidity and net worth required?
  • Are they looking for someone with your kind of professional background or is it just a business you like to patronize?
  • Have you established a criteria list for a potential business investment and does it meet or exceed them?
  • Do you have any idea how you are going to finance this venture?
  • Do you have the necessary legal support to help you navigate the FDD and franchise agreement?
  • Do you understand why franchising is or isn’t right for you in the first place?
  • & more

Ultimately, a franchise broker’s role is to ensure that you have taken a step back at the start of this exploration to assess and put into writing a plan that summarizes what your criteria are. Without a plan, you’ll likely waste a lot of time looking at franchises that are not a good fit for you. There’s also a lot of data to review and understand, legal and financing issues to address, and a lot of marketing hype to sift through to get to the heart of a franchise opportunity. You need an experienced franchise broker that fully understands every step of the the process so you don’t waste your time or money.

BEST YET… Using our franchise broker services will not cost you a penny more than what you would pay the franchisor anyway, should you decide to purchase one. You have nothing to lose by working with an experienced guide!

About Aaron Bakken

Franchise Consultant for The Franchise Consulting Company

Proven Experience
Aaron has 20+ years of franchise and independent business ownership experience. He also spent 5 years as the VP of Franchise Development for an international franchise group, growing the franchise to the advent of a private equity buyout. Whether you are looking to buy a franchise opportunity or franchise your business, Aaron knows how to guide you.

No Cost To You
Aaron is paid by franchisors and development companies for bringing them viable franchise investors. So frankly, his clients have nothing to lose by engaging with him but a bit of their time. Aaron helps his clients navigate the complex world of franchise ownership and development and provides long term guidance to help his clients achieve their entrepreneurship goals.

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