You may have everything it takes to operate a business but are just not sure where to start. Purchasing a franchise may be a more suitable way for you to get into the business industry. Having the resources of a larger company that has already proven its success will provide you the opportunity to have your own business without the fears of failure. Although it is less risky than starting a business from scratch, franchising isn’t always a walk in the park. Here are some success stories of franchisors and franchisees, as reported by Business News Daily.

It Allows For Freedom While Offering Direction

“Franchising has allowed us to do what we love while running our very own business! It gave us the opportunity to work for ourselves and to serve a real purpose, instead of just working on the things we do well for a boss. Franchising is a great way to start a business when you want to work for yourself but have only a little idea of how to start it. Coming to America as war refugees, we knew hard work and a little leap of faith could get you far in life and franchising paved the path for us.” Huy and Van Phan, franchisees, Goddard Systems

You Can Work With Friends And Loved Ones

“Our favorite thing about being a franchise owner is being able to work alongside our loved ones. As a husband-and-wife team, it really lets us play to our strengths and spend time with each other while simultaneously running a business together.” Sue and Sean Olson, franchisees, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

It Has The Benefits Of A Big Company

“A franchise helps you navigate bureaucracy and offers advice about how to handle certain situations that come up that other franchises may have faced before you. It also helps for getting group discounts on marketing materials and having a team to help build your brand locally as well as nationally. It is a good way for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses while still having the resources of a bigger company.” – Gianna Kagel, owner, Assisting Hands

Funding Is Much Easier To Obtain With An Established Company

“When you run your own business you build it from the ground up, and there will be failures that will cost money, time, energy, and frustration. With a franchise, these pitfalls can be avoided because you have a tried-and-true system to fall back on.”- Idan Shpizear, owner and founder, 911 Restoration

Help Is There If You Need Guidance

“In my prior stand-alone business, I had nowhere to turn to for advice when things got tough. The only other people I knew that had a business like mine, were competitors. They sure as heck weren’t going to share their best practices with me. I literally was standing alone, with no one to get coaching from, unsure if the next move I was making would make or break me. It became a trial-and-error proposition. That’s why I really enjoy owning a franchise. I know that there are a bunch of other partners with experience out there I can turn to for advice.” – Jeff Huguet, franchise owner, Nurse Next Door

You Can Be Properly Trained

“Most people can master one part of a business, but struggle with other areas, which may include accounting, marketing, or managing. When you start your own business, you must learn all these things on your own, with ‘rookie mistakes’ as part of the learning curve. Franchisors provide franchisees with training in all major areas of their new business. They also stay by their side with advanced training to help them stay on top of your business as it grows.” – Felena Hanson, founder. Hera Hub

You Have A Team That Will Provide Support

“The great thing is that the franchisees support each other. I know that I can pick up the phone and call, text, or Facebook anyone and they will more than likely answer my question, and if they don’t know the answer they will find out and get back to me.” – Bridget Jones, franchisee, Just Between Friends

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