Every business will face competition as you know. I advise all of my clients to not consider the amount of competitors or low barriers of entry in an industry, but instead how can a particular franchise help you get to the top of the heap through superior branding, operations and technology. The first service provider to come out to a home typically wins the business. Everything a franchise does to position you to do so adds to the value proposition of the investment. The work itself is is more of a commodity and a secondary part of the consumer decision, unless you provide poor service of course, then it becomes real important. So, how responsive you are set up to be by your franchisor, the more positive reviews you’ve been able to cultivate via the franchisor’s best practices, and the more professional your digital presence is, the more likely someone will make that initial inquiry. The following are 3 ways franchises will help you get first contact and win business….

A Little About The Home Services Industry

Barriers to entry in the home cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and windows/gutters/pressure washing/holiday lighting business are somewhat low for the service itself. Most competitors will be mom & pop operators with unsophisticated branding, no centralized support or marketing systems for lead generation and appointment acquisition, little to no technology and typically a very limited digital presence. All of these areas are where franchising will be superior and ultimately the value add that drives consumer loyalty. There is a big pie out there for home services providers to share, and most of it goes unused. You only need to acquire a small portion of the business to be successful. Superior home services providers like franchises are seeing 20% + growth because of Covid. Homeowners can’t seem to get enough of turnkey services these days.

Franchising Helps With Branding

A powerful brand attracts customers to the franchise network as a whole, not just a single location. It is invaluable for both franchise owners and franchisors. No matter what product or service a business provides, building a popular, recognizable brand is critical to success.

Franchising Helps With Operations

In order to run your business, the franchisor provides a detailed operations manual that includes instructions for carrying out their operating system. It establishes the rules, standards, and specifications of the franchise, and defines specific job responsibilities and tasks. Good operations will allow you to keep the business after you close it for the first time.

Franchising Helps With Digital Marketing

Franchising in the home services sector, more often times than not, allows you to be found more easily online due to solid SEO processes, and in many cases a centralized call center that ensures customer inquiries are answered on the first inbound call attempt. Plus a solid formula for social media engagement.

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